Sunday, June 27, 2010

How To Call A Teammate Out

This weekend there were two different examples on how to call a teammate out.

First was the Chicago Cubs Carlos Zambrano profanity laced tirade towards Derreck Lee and the rest of the Cubs. That led to wet and alienated teammates (courtesy of Gatorade) and an indefinite suspension of Zambrano. Plus the released statement by a "source" close to Zambrano that his tirade was meant to motivate and wasn't personal has not gone over well with his teammates. Not so good.

Second was Tampa Bay's Evan Longoria calling out B.J. Upton face to face in the dugout for Upton's lack of hustle in Center chasing a ball down that led to a triple. Upton has been in trouble before for not hustling down the line and on the field. The resulting confrontation was short with teammates holding Upton back as Longoria said his peace and walked off. As the leader of the team, Longoria did what he was supposed to do, in an even manner instead of ranting and raving.

I'm ok with teammates taking each other to task. It is a team effort after all and if your teammate can do it then who can. But Longoria showed how it is done by stepping to Upton directly instead of blowing his top as a petulant child.


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