Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update on the Sanford Little League Team Navy Seals

I'm waiting to hear from Dan on how the team is currently doing but here is the update on the team from the end of May in Dan's own words:

My boys are currently 1-5, but that is due to lack of experienced pitching. We went 0-5 to start the season, but after a team meeting on focus and intensity where I emphasized the importance of lifting your teammates up and paying attention to the game even when on the bench, it was an entirely different ballgame. At any time you can ask my boys what the count is and they will not only tell you that but also how many outs and where the the next play should be. The parents couldn't be happier with my style of coaching. A few of the parents actually requested not to be on certain teams this year because of their previous coach and the focus on win at all costs baseball. The impact of my fundamentals first is already apparent and it feels good to know that I can count on true baseball heads such as yourself to preserve the honor of the game we love so much. Play ball!

For those of you who didn't read my last post that introduced the Sanford Little League Navy Seals philosophy towards playing Baseball, click on the link The Return of Sportsmanship: One Child at a Time. Keep up the good work Dan, look forward to hearing more about the Navy Seals.


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