Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First No-Hitter For Each Franchise Post 1900

With Matt Garza's no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers last night, Tampa Bay was taken off of the list of those franchises that have never had a no-hitter thrown by one of their pitchers. I found this list on MLB.com and decided to post it here for your information.

Angels Bo Belinsky against the Baltimore Orioles May 5, 1962
Astros Don Nottebart against the Philadelphia Phillies May 17, 1963
Athletics (1) Weldon Henley against the St. Louis Browns July 22, 1905
Blue Jays Dave Steib against the Cleveland Indians Sept. 2, 1990
Braves (2) Big Jeff Pfeffer against the Cincinnati Reds May 8, 1907
Brewers Juan Nieves against the Baltimore Orioles April 15, 1987
Cardinals Jesse Haines against the Boston Braves July 17, 1924
Cubs Jimmy Lavender against the New York Giants Aug. 31, 1915
DiamondBacks Randy Johnson against the Atlanta Braves May 18, 2004
Dodgers (3) Mal Eason against the St. Louis Cardinals July 20, 1906
Giants (4) Christy Matthewson against the St. Louis Cardinals July 15, 1901
Indians Bob Rhoads against the Boston Red Sox Sept. 18, 1908
Mariners Randy Johnson against the Detroit Tigers June 2, 1990
Mets Yet to throw no-hitter
Marlins Al Leiter against the Colorado Rockies May 11, 1996
Nationals (5) Bill Stoneman against the Philadelphia Phillies April 17, 1969
Orioles (6) Earl Hamilton against the Detroit Tigers Aug. 30, 1912
Padres Yet to throw no-hitter
Phillies Chuck Fraser against the Chicago Cubs Sept. 18, 1903
Pirates Nick Maddox against the Brooklyn Superbas Sept. 20, 1907
Rangers Jim Bibby against the Oakland Athletics July 30, 1973
Rays Matt Garza against the Detroit Tigers July 26, 2010
Red Sox (7) Cy Young* against the Philadelphia Athletics May 5, 1904
Reds Nixey Callahan against the Philadelphia Phillies July 12, 1900
Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez against the Atlanta Braves April 17, 2010
Royals Steve Busby against the Detroit Tigers April 27, 1973
Tigers George Mullin against the St. Louis Browns July 4, 1912
Twins (8) Walter Johnson against the Boston Red Sox July 1, 1920
White Sox Frank Smith against the Detroit Tigers Sept. 6, 1905
Yankees George Mogridge against the Boston Red Sox April 24, 1917

* Asterisk denotes Perfect Game

(1) Then the Philadelphia Athletics
(2) Then the Boston Doves
(3) Then the Brooklyn Superbas
(4) Then the New York Giants
(5) Then the Montreal Expos
(6) Then the St. Louis Browns
(7) Then the Boston Americans
(8) Then the Washington Senators

Cy Young holds the distinction of being the only pitcher to throw the first no-hitter in a franchise's history as a perfect game with the Boston Red Sox in 1904. Randy Johnson holds the distinction of breaking the no-hitter barrier for two teams: the Seattle Mariners and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Both the New York Mets and San Diego Padres have never had a no-hitter thrown in their franchise history.


For Further Reading:
- Click Here to see the article by Bill Chastain on the first no-hitter for each franchise since 1900.

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