Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 American and National League Silver Slugger

Next for the year-end awards is the 2010 Louisville Slugger Silver Slugger Award. This is the 30th anniversary of the award being established to honor the best hitter per position. Winners of the award were determined by voting conducted among Major League managers and coaches, who were asked to name the players at each position in the National and American Leagues who put up the best seasons at the plate. Voters were forbidden from voting for players from their own clubs.

Without further ado here is the list of the 2010 American and National League Silver Slugger Award winners (parenthesis denotes times won):

American League
Joe Mauer C (4)
Miguel Cabrera 1B (3)
Robinson Canó 2B (2)
Alexei Ramírez SS (1)
Adrian Beltré 3B (2)
Carl Crawford OF (1)
Josh Hamilton OF (2)
Miguel Bautista OF (1)
Vladimir Guerrero DH (8)

National League
Brian McCann C (4)
Albert Pujols 1B (6)
Dan Uggla 2B (1)
Troy Tulowitzki SS (1)
Ryan Zimmerman 3B (1)
Ryan Braun OF (3)
Matt Holliday OF (4)
Carlos Gonzalez OF (1)
Yovani Gallardo P (1)

Interesting Info:
Guerrero won his 8th award as a DH for the American League Texas Rangers and is his first since coming over to the American League. His 7 prior awards were won while in Montreal.


For Further Reading:
- Click Here for the Official Louisville Slugger webpage for more information on the award

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