Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Ode to the New York Yankees as a Yankees Fan

Normally I would try to write something like this about the team that I have rooted for my whole life: The New York Yankees. But there are times that the words are captured by others and presented in a way that I have to say "WOW!". This happened tonight and I decided to quote my friend Petros. This is what he had to say about the Yankees upon their loss to the Detroit Tigers in the ALDS:

So the Yankees lose. I'm content. I've watched uhhemm...a few World Series wins, a few events in the history of baseball that were provided by Yankee players and teams, and I've had many disappointments, but in the end like I said before, I'm content. As for the other teams that I can root for well....I've had few reasons to change or even jump the bandwagon, even after 34 years of following baseball as a Yankee fan, and even fathom liking another team especially the crappy Mets or even the BlowSox

The funny thing is now we are all looking towards free agency, what'll happen with Cashman, will Girardi even be here, and what's gonna happen (time to go) Posada. We're in the period of closure from our past Championships and now look forward to a change of guard, a new identity, and a new Yankees team to root for in the future. Which probably include more Championships than any other team's accumulated championships in their franchise history..Just saying

I couldn't have said it any better myself. That's how we Yankees fans should look at this loss. No offense to the fans of the team about to mention but we could be Mariners fans who never have had a World Series appearance let alone a win. Or we can be Padres fans who never won a series or even a Cubs fan who hasn't smelled a World Series since 1945 or a World Series win since 1908. Instead of complaining about the negative and about how the team lost, we should appreciate that we have a team that gives up hope year in and year out.

Instead of placing blame and being negative about any particular player or players, I'll just be freezing waiting for Spring Training 2012. Here's to objective observation of the rest of the MLB playoffs.


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