Thursday, November 3, 2011

Robinson Cano in Taiwan=Rockstar

I was watching the live feed of the MLB All-Stars vs. the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) National Team on (The MLB Network will replay the game at 9pm) and I have to say that the Taiwanese have really taken to Robinson Cano. You could see a multitude of signs in the stands about Cano everytime the camera panned around. He really has become a fan favorite of the Taiwanese. Cano has been very visible during his short stay in the country while attending a children's hospital, doing media appearances and sightseeing with his teammates. (PHOTO CREDIT: AP Photo/Wally Santana)

Jack Curry of the YES Network has described some of the treatment Cano has received while in Taiwan on his twitter page. Here are some of the tweets by Curry:

Cano wore a T-Shirt emblazoned with Taiwanese flag, which made the fans chanted his name louder. He got rock star treatment and loved it.

Wild scene with Robinson Cano at a night market in Taiwan. 200 people chanted "Ca-no, Ca-no" & followed him around streets, stopping traffic

When Robinson Cano has stood in the on deck circle 2nite, its been akin 2 George Clooney being on the red carpet for a movie premiere

Curry also describes the rock star atmosphere surrounding Cano in his blogpost Cano, like Bieber, becoming a world celebrity.

What I didn't know was that Robinson Cano's father Jose Cano played professional baseball in the Uni-President Lions (1992-94) and the Wei Chuan Dragons (1998-99) in the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) and with Jose accompanying his son on this trip, old memories will resurface while new ones are made.

Keep rocking like the rock star that we in New York City already know you are.


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