Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Baseball Does to the Soul

I recently read an interesting op-ed piece in the New York Times from April 1, 2012. In What Baseball Does to the Soul by Colum McCann, he discusses how the game of Baseball and the time spent with his children brings him back to early memories with his own father in relation to his grandfather. It is an amazing read and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan. I would especially recommend the piece for those who ask what's the fascination with Baseball, for those of who complain that Baseball is too expensive, too commercial, too disconnected with the everyday person. They need to read this. They might learn something about what a sport and a game does to generations of fans. It gave me goosebumps reading it.

There something about the game that links generations. Family time at a game is something sacred. Sure people tell me that you can spend family time at other events/occasions but what's better at spending family time at a place and location that all members enjoy. Nothing better (in my opinion) than spending a day/night with my kids at the ballpark when all parties want to be there. Nothing memorable might happen on the field, but hopefully it will be something memorable for them that they can share with their own kids in the future.

My parents never really took me to the ballpark growing up but they spent time and effort to cultivate and support my love for the game. Be it taking me to little league games, baseball cards, magazines, posters, or anything else that I nagged them to buy for me. So now as an adult with my own kids, I try to show them that having a passion for a sport, a hobby or anything of interest is important. My passion is Baseball.

Thank you Mr. McCann for your candid words and personal experiences. Thank you for reminding me when faced by those who try to bring down those of us with passions for the game. Asking us and belittling us by asking us to justify said passions that in reality we have nothing to justify and explain.


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