Monday, August 20, 2012

The Melky Saga Continues

This whole Melky Cabrera positive test story is getting more and more convoluted. Now reports show that a fake website was created by a consultant that works with his agents to simulate a site that Cabrera bought supplements from which caused his positive test for testosterone.

I mean, come on. Are we back in High School where we used to forge doctors notes to forgive our missing a day or two that we cut? Whomever came up with this hair brain scheme really thought that they could deceive not only MLB but also the Players' Union? The union defends their charges tooth and nail but man, what a way to turn everyone against Melky. Whether the consultant is truthful in saying that he was the only one responsible for the fake site it really doesn't matter. The damage against Melky continues to be inflicted to the point that now MLB and the Feds are really looking closely at this.

I wouldn't be surprised if the arrows point to Melky directly and we hear that he gets levied with a heftier suspension.

What a way to nose dive a career Melky.


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