Monday, September 10, 2012

I Am A Baseball Snob

I have an admission folks. I am a Baseball snob. Why do I say that? Allow me to explain. Last night a customer interrupted a conversation I was having with a few regulars concerning the bad call on Mark Teixiera of the Yankees on Saturday night. The customer asked about whether I thought baseball needed more instant replay. A valid question which he would follow up with the arrogance of some Yankee fans saying that it doesn't matter how they are playing since they will make the playoffs like they always do. I really hate when fellow Yankee fans do that. There is never any guarantee that they will always make the playoffs. Look at the years of 1982-1994 for proof of that. But I digress.

When I tell him that no Yankee fan can take for granted that they will make the playoffs due to both the Orioles and Rays being 2 games or less behind the Yankees and the fact that they are 7-12 in their last 19 games he simply answers: Really? I didn't know that. I only follow Baseball in the last month. You could hear a pin drop over Peter Griffin's voice on Family Guy that was playing at the time. This is why I say I'm a Baseball snob. I just turned around and walked away. I just simply tuned him out.

See, I live by the philosophy that if I don't know what people are talking about I don't try to add my two cents. It happens all the time with my friends who are musicians. I just sit there and listen since I am not a musician and often don't know what they are talking about. I'll ask a question or two but aside from that, I don't want to come across like a moron by trying to act as if I know more than I do. That's what the customer I was talking to did. He was talking to me as if he watched the Yankees all season and didn't know a damn thing. He didn't know that A-Rod and Tex had spent considerable time hurt, that Jeter was having an awesome MVP-like season and that the Orioles and Rays were breathing down hard on the Yanks. He didn't even know that the Yankees were 1 game up in the AL East. How can you call yourself a fan after that as he tried to convince me. Really now. Its like I go to some of my hardcore football friends and say "I'm a fan but I only watch the Superbowl". Come on now.

I have the luxury working in a bar 5-nights a week and being able to watch Baseball from all over the country during all those 5-nights. For Christ's sake I even try to watch the NPB Baseball on Justin.TV when I am up super  late/early (depending on your schedule). So yes, I believe that I am a first class Baseball snob. Had the dude just asked how the Yankees were doing since he hadn't followed their progress it would have been a cool discussion but since he made himself out to be something he wasn't he got the Heisman pose from me and the other baseball regulars at the bar. LOL.

Here's to my fellow Baseball snobs out there. May we have an continued exciting September and even more riveting October.


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