Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To Trade Or Not To Trade A-Rod

ESPN reported on a rumor that New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman may have had possible trade talks with the Miami Marlins concerning Yankee Third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Cashman denied having any trade talks. Now would this be a good move to make?

For the Yankees it would be a costly trade. Any trade for Rodriguez would require the Yankees to eat the majority of the contract that is owed to Rodriguez. To be honest, Rodriguez is only going to continue deteriorate as he ages. His goal of reaching the top of the homerun list is looking steeper by the season. Rodriguez hasn't had a full season in the last 4 seasons or so and after his performance in this postseason, I don't think he'll be able to redeem himself to both the fans and the organization. But since the team was planning to pay him anyway, maybe getting rid of him will be the right way to go.

On the Marlins side, bring Rodriguez over might help generate some fan revenue. The local kid comes home to play in front of his fellow Miamians. Perhaps the change of scenery to a less stressful media market might do Rodriguez some good. But does it outweigh the fact that the Marlins would be getting a 37-year old infielder who in essence can't play everyday with diminishing power. Who would they give up to get him. Obviously the Yankees would love to get at least a player like Giancarlo Stanton (heck, which team wouldn't) especially if they are eating 2/3 or more of the contract.

At this point this is purely speculation on my part. But I believe if the Yankees can make a move for A-Rod this offseason would be the time to do so while someone would be willing to trade for him. What do you think. Yea? Or Nay?


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